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George Scorsis – A veteran in highly regulated industries

May 03, 2019

To succeed in a highly regulated industry takes a lot of knowledge, skills, and hard work. Fortunately, this is the industry where George Scorsis excels the most. He has over 15 years of experience working in the highly regulated industry, specifically energy drinks and medical cannabis. His leadership style is one of the reasons behind the massive success of every company he became a part of.

Scorsis’ professional background

George Scorsis has extensive experience managing companies in a strictly regulated environment. He was the President of Red Bull Canada and the chief executive officer and director of Liberty Health Science. During his time with Red Bull Canada, he restricted the organization, especially the operational aspect and geographical reach. The company benefits from it as seen in its revenue growth of over $150 million.

He also became a part of Health Canada, an organization that regulates products that have something to do with the consumer’s health and overall well-being. George Scorsis has helped the company in regulating the guidelines for the energy drink category. George has worked with Mettrum Health Corporation. He was the president of the company and has led the company to success. During his leadership, the company was able to acquire a total of $430 million.

Liberty Health Science

George Scorsis was the CEO and director of Liberty Health Science. It is a Canadian company operating in the United States and one of the leading providers of top-quality medical cannabis. A lot of deals came true under George Scorsis’s leadership. Liberty Health Science has an exclusive management agreement with Chestnut Tree Farm, a nursery in Florida authorized by the Florida Department of Health, Office of Compassionate Use as the dispensing body of medical cannabis.

Aside from the state of Florida, Liberty Health Science aims to expand its business scope in other states where medical cannabis is legal. George Scorsis uses his more than a decade of experience in building major brands in the highly regulated market. He takes a bold approach to take the company into the next level of success.

The medical cannabis industry is a multi-billion dollar business. With its legalization for the treatment and management of medical conditions, such industry is foreseen to grow even more as days passed by. George Scorsis’ knowledge and extensive experience in such industry is definitely a big help to every company in the same arena.